Terms and Conditions

According to the Terms and Conditions and other Service plan, Roku com link xyz will provide solutions to your issues by communicating with your over the online chats or telephonic calls. Our customer support team will also contact you through email messages and they might send you a copy of the billing via email in order to confirm the transaction if incase you are billed for using our services. If we access your computer for a remote session, we will not leave any residual software on your desktop. Instead, you  may find some text file on your desktop. The document will comprise of information like the tasks that our team executed on the desktop. This file can be either saved or deleted for future reference

Service cancellation and refund policy

roku-com-link.xyz strives mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and that is our highest priority. We actually attempt to resolve issues that resides in your Roku streaming player. Roku-com-link.xyz provides complete refund if there is any issue. The refund will be effective within fourteen days of purchase.


roku-com-link.xyz has complete authority to file legal allegations when the terms and conditions or privacy policy is violated by any user.


We abide by law and any individual trying to exploit data will have to face severe consequences. We also adhere to stern laws to avert misuse or threat. If required, some details of the users or company will be provided to the judicial authorities. However, we never deliver details to any legal commandments without user’s consent. Any individual who tries to breach the Terms and conditions or replicate the website will have to deal with severe legal consequences.

Copy rights

It is restricted to replicate the data or information available in our website for commercial use. Roku com link xyz has zero tolerance against replication and plagiarism of our website.