Roku is always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology related to entertainment. They brought in fantastic features like voice command, private listening and so many other features. Sharp Roku TV is one such device, wherein the Roku device is built-in default.

These devices are so cool in a regard that you don’t even have to set up the device! Usually, you will have to connect your Roku device to the TV, to the internet and do the whole Roku device setup! Now anymore, though. Because the device comes built in the TV by default, so you just have to switch it on and get started with the channel streaming! But then, How to resolve if Sharp Roku TV remote not working? What might be the reason for Sharp TV malfunctioning?

Sharp Roku TV Remote Not Working

What might be the reason if my Sharp Roku TV remote not working?

Remotes are obviously one of the handiest tools ever, when it comes to Roku devices. Because these remotes can be used to search for channels, connect Roku to the internet and control Roku. Before learning How to resolve if Sharp Roku TV remote not working, we’ll probably first look into a few reasons why your Sharp Roku Tv remote is not working.

  1. One of the most obvious, yet common reasons is that the remote has no juice left.
  2. The second common reason is that the remote is not paired with the TV yet, or at least, it is not paired right.
  3. The next reason might be a remote malfunction, or the remote does not have enough range.

Now, we have to figure out which one is the reason, and figure out how to resolve why the sharp TV remote not working.

How to resolve?

First things first, please pair the remote to your TV and if it already paired, there are chances that the pairing isn’t successful, so unpair the remote and pair it again with the Sharp Roku TV. To pair the remote, first, turn off the Roku Sharp TV, and turn it back on. When you turn the device on, please remove the battery compartment of the remote, and click on the pairing button. Once you do this, your remote will be paired to the TV.

If your remote relies on charging, please ensure the remote is charged. While changing batteries, please make sure that you change both batteries.

Once this is done, the remote should ideally work. If not, we’ll have to figure out where things have gone wrong. Only if we know that can we answer the question how to resolve when your Sharp Roku TV remote not working.

In the meanwhile we figure it out, please consider using the Roku mobile application as the replacement.

Roku mobile application

Roku mobile application is now available for both iOS and Android operating systems. You can use the application to control the Sharp Roku TV.

To install the same, please go to your Android Play Store, or Apple App Store, and download the application. click on the remote symbol on the top right of the application.

If you have any more questions regarding how to resolve if Sharp Roku TV remote not working, or if you have any other Roku related queries, visit Our Roku support experts are available 24*7, and you are just one call away from getting all your Roku issues resolved!

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