Roku Stick Not Working Issue

If your Roku stick not working make sure, you follow the setup steps for the Roku stick properly. Also, try resetting the Roku stick. Understanding this is not rocket science, follow the below steps for a quick resolution.

No Picture on TV

If you do not find any picture on the screen after connecting your Roku stick, just tread on the heels of the instructions given here

  • Check the power light on the Roku stick. Only if it is glowing means that supply is properly given
  • Check the HDMI port number, ensure you’re on the correct input on your TV
  • Make sure the video cables or HDMI cables are firmly connected. They should neither be pushed hard nor be loosely connected
  • If pushed hard, the port might get damaged and if loose, the bridging between the two is lost
  • If you still do not find the light turned on, ensure the following
  • The power cord is that of the Roku stick
  • Ensure firm connection of the power cord
  • The wall power supply is working, check this by connecting the source to some other power outlet nearby
  • When you still feel that these steps are still for the birds, try connecting the Roku stick to another TV

Are you still facing the Roku Stick Not Working issue? Read through the next set of solutions

No Network Connection

Roku Stick Not Working

Roku Stick Not Working

Wrong Password

  • Make note of your routers IP address and enter it in the space provided for the URL
  • Don’t enter Google and type the IP, type it directly in the URL space
  • There are chances for the password to have changed while setting up the Roku stick
  • So make sure the password is same, contact the network provider in this case

Wireless Network Out Of Range

  • If you’re getting this error then it could be because the Roku and the router are far
  • Try connecting by keeping them nearby
  • Low network strength could also be a reason, make sure you are using a network that has very good strength because you need a network for streaming also
  • Also, ensure that the wireless network is not outdated and the router that you’re using is compatible with your Roku stick
  • Reset Roku by performing a factory reset and make note that you will have to do the whole set up from entering the Roku link code to the final channels adding process

Problem with Pairing the Remote

  • First, make sure the batteries are not dead. If you check this at the end, then the whole process is bummer
  • Open the back cover of the remote and find the pairing button, only certain Roku sticks have Roku enhanced remote and only on those the pairing button is present

Troubleshooting a Roku Enhanced Remote

  • Restart your Roku stick by navigating through the steps Settings > System > Power > System restart > Restart
  • Re-pair the remote by hard pressing the button on the backside of the remote. It can be found below the battery slot
  • Try connecting the Roku stick using an extension cable

Troubleshooting a Standard Remote

  • Make sure the remote’s signal is reaching the Roku stick
  • It will reach only if you’re sitting in front of the TV that is with the Roku device
  • Re-seat the batteries by removing and placing them again
  • Or Change to a new set of batteries
  • If it does not still work try changing the remote

App Leads To A Black Screen

  • This might happen if the internet connection strength is poor
  • Ensure there is a safe and secure connection
  • Corrupted data in the app causes this issue, just uninstall and reinstall the app by logging in to your account on a smartphone or on any other device

Channel Streaming Issues

  • Ensure if you have subscribed for the channel
  • Also, check if you have made the payment
  • Connect the stick to another USB port available on your TV
  • Make sure you use the USB cable provided with the Roku stick
  • You may not have particular demands for the USB cable that you are using

How To Factory Reset the Roku Stick

This is the final procedure to solve Roku stick not working issue

Step 1

Navigate to HOME -> Settings, using your remote provided

Step 2

Select the system on the settings window and select Advanced System Settings

Step 3

Find the factory reset option on the same screen and start from scratch to complete the setup

If you are still behind the eight balls, contact the Roku customer care support team or visit site.

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