Roku Link Not Working

So you are trying to set up the brand new Roku device, and your Roku link is not working. I can feel the pressure. A hot new Roku directly from the market but faces issues while activation or connecting really frustrates. I know Roku is the best device available in the streaming industry market but still can face some flaws at some point of time. It isn’t easy to catch up with speed in the fast-paced world and learn all about technology. But don’t worry because I provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

Before you start, you can contact customer support or do drastic changes like a factory reset only in case any of these methods don’t help you. I recommend you go through this article and try all the troubleshooting techniques for not working. If you aren’t able to fix the issue, please feel free to contact customer support. not working not working

When Do Roku Errors Arise?

The Roku link not working problem mostly shows itself at the initial stage of Roku device activation or Roku device set up process. You can move on with the activation or add channels and start streaming only if the Roku link works and you activate your device. If you are having activation issues, the root cause of those may be:

  • If you enter the wrong activation code during the activation.
  • The Roku link may not work, or you may have entered the incorrect link, or if your link may be expired.
  • Your internet connection strength may be lacking or with no signal.
  • Loss of connection between your Roku device and your router.
  • Choosing the wrong input channel.
  • Selecting an incorrect network or incorrect password.

Due to any of these issues, you may your Roku may freeze, be responsive, not turn on, Nor work, not working, nor displays any picture. Let’s see how to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. Not Working Troubleshooting and Fixing

  • To begin with resolving, the first thing you require is a Roku account. Without a Roku account, you neither resolve nor activate the device. Your Roku account is like an entry pass to your Roku streaming experience. So please Go to and sign up with Roku that helps you with troubleshooting and setup.
  • Choose once you set up the HDMI cable to your TV. Make sure to note that port number where you plugin. You got to choose the same channel while setting up the input channel to your Roku device. Doing this will avoid video and audio errors in the future.
  • If you experience errors while entering the Roku link, try entering it for the second time. Make sure you are entering it correctly without any typing error. The link should be Otherwise, Directly go to and log in with your account, and navigate to activate a device drop-down on the home page of the website.
  • If you are on the correct page, but still your Roku link is not working. Go back to your Roku remote and press the star * button on it to get a new Roku activation code. Once you see the new link code, google in for and enter the Roku link code and submit.
  • If your Roku is not connected to the internet and often disconnects during the process, your activation may fail. Go to the setting and network and choose check connection. The function runs a check over your internet signal strength and speed of the network. Finally, it suggests the rectification steps. You can follow its prompts to get rid of the error.

How To Resolve The Internet Connectivity Issue

  • Firstly, check whether you have connected your device to the correct home network and entered the valid password. If your password is incorrect, Roku can’t access the network.
  • Check whether your router is working properly. Use your phone or tablets to check whether your router has an internet signal or has a power outage. Turn off your router and wait till the lights go down, and then restart the router to gain back the network.
  • Place your router and your Roku device beside each other. The number of barriers and the length of the distance cause more interruption during the network flow.
  • Restart your Roku device as well as your router to fix the issues on its own. That’s the idea that actually works for any kind of issue. Go to settings and select system, and then select system restart. If you are using a Roku TV, go to settings, system, power, and then system restart.
  • To restart your router or any problem causing poor or no network signal, contact your ISP provider for further help.

We offer agent-assisted support. If you still require assistance on the not working, please feel free to dial the number +1-805-317-0200.

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