What is Roku Activation Code?

Roku is one of the famous platforms available to stream movies and TV shows from various sources. The platform is so vast and diverse, that all you will ever have to do with the entertainment come bundled with the Roku streaming device. Roku is the best streaming device not just because of the engineering excellence but also because of the practical usability of the product. It has all its processes straight as an arrow. Even a child can operate as there is no “yo-yo”ing involved. Even though the Roku device is easier and fun to use, it requires the Roku activation code to stream the services on your device. This activation process is simple, but some customers face a bit of difficulty while activating the account. This blog will be the last stop for all your doubts regarding the activation process of Roku.

We will split the Roku activation process into 3 steps

  1. Setting up the Roku device
  2. Generating the activation code
  3. Verifying the activation code


Setting Up The Roku Device


  • Unbox the Roku device and connect it to your TV and power supply.
  • The power supply should be stable and reliable.
  • Now switch ON your TV.
  • The Roku logo will fill your TV screen.
  • Now it will ask you to set your preferences like region, language, etc.
  • After you complete setting your preferences, it will ask you to select the internet connection from the available networks.
  • Now connect to your network by typing the correct password. Use the shift button on the screen to capitalize on the alphabet.
  • After connecting it to a fast and secure network, the device will proceed to update. These updates are automatic so don’t disturb the process till it’s done.
  • The updates may take a couple of minutes to finish.
  • The device will restart to apply the changes after finishing the updates.


Roku Setup

Roku Setup

Generating the Roku Activation Code

  • After the device restarts, it will display a home page layout.
  • Now look for activation code in that home page layout.
  • Make note of the activation code as we will be using it later.
  • The activation codes are case sensitive and combination of numbers and alphabets.
  • So make sure you note it down accurately, as it is shown on the TV screen.


Verifying the Roku Activation Code

  • Open your browser on a laptop or your Smartphone.
  • Now type Roku.com/link activation code or simply Roku.com/link
  • Now enter the activation code which you made note of.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • It may take a few seconds to verify the activation code.
  • Once the activation code matches, a popup will indicate the successful linking of accounts.
  • Now all that’s left for you is to add the Roku channels and enjoy the Roku device.


Roku Activation Code – FAQ’s

Customers ask a few common questions regarding the Roku activation code. These questions are answered below.

How to obtain the Roku activation code and where can I find it?

After you set your device for the first time, the home screen will load which will have the activation code on it. You can always generate a new activation code by selecting the “help” section and

Clicking on “Get new code”.

Is it Necessary to Get a Roku Activation Code?

To put it simply, if you don’t link and activate your Roku account, your Roku device doesn’t work. It needs to link your account to stream the services. Think of it like an OTP that you receive for completing any transactions. It provides security since all the devices connected to your Roku account will be listed and can be checked by logging into your Roku account.

Where Should I Feed the Roku Activation Code?

First of all, you should open the following link on your browser, Roku.com/link. Open this link on a laptop or a Smartphone for convenience. Now enter the activation code in the space which says “link code” on the webpage. Submit the code after entering it.

Can I get Back a Lost or Expired Roku Activation Code?

Honestly, you don’t have to. Activation codes are valid only for a couple of minutes and hence it is important to use the code within that period. But if you couldn’t use the code for some reason, don’t worry. You can generate a new activation code anytime you want by clicking on the gear symbol at the remote and selecting” generate new code”. The only thing is, you have to wait till the previous activation code gets expired.

What Should I do, if the Roku Activation Code Expires?

You don’t have to worry if your Roku activation code gets expired. You can always generate a new code using the “help” section.

Why is my Code Stuck?

Your Roku activation code is not working because of the following reasons,

  • Your code is expired.
  • The codes don’t match.
  • Your internet is down.

The Roku activation code is case sensitive and hence accurate reproducing of the code is a must. One Roku activation code is valid for only a few minutes, so if the time passes by the code will expire. The Roku activation code needs an internet connection to verify the codes.

Error Messages when Verifying Roku Activation Code

Error messages popup if you feed the wrong activation code on the browser. Even if the code is expired, error messages will popup. When the server is not able to verify the activation codes, even then there will be error messages.

Things to Remember When Activating the Roku Device

  • Make sure your device is receiving a constant and steady source of power.
  • The internet connection should be fast and reliable.
  • The activation codes are case sensitive and hence copy the code as it is displayed.
  • Ensure to use the code within a few minutes as the code will expire later.
  • Allow your device to receive the updates and apply the changes.

For further clarification regarding the Roku activation code, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

This will be your last stop for all your doubts regarding the Roku activation code.


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