Privacy Policy

All the following privacy policies are applicable to the site and it explains the methods and how we are collecting the selective user information from the visitors of our site. Both the terms & conditions page and privacy policies are explaining the entire process of the website and other strategies that are using. Thereby, agreeing to the terms of use indicates agreeing also to the privacy policies as well, on availing services under

Data collection

We are collecting some important information from the user side only for the purpose of achieving the services. We collect information by different modes like forms & emails on our site. Both personal and non-personal data are collected and personal information means the basic necessary information like name, email, mobile number etc. which is a kind of registration purpose. Non-personal information includes the data collected via cookies and from other functionalities on the website.


The information provided on our site is only meant for the informational purpose and to offer better services to all our users. We know the significance of information from every user end, and that is why we are delivering our maximum efforts to maintain the collected data in a more secure way. We follow strict rules and regulations in terms of data protection. In case of any data misuse, we will surely follow the respective legal actions from our side to the respective target.

Always we don’t intend to share the user information to anyone. Only in case of unavoidable situations and issues only, the user information will be hand over to the respective legal authorities. The above action is taken only after giving notice to that particular user. Our site information is protected one and plagiarizing the data by anyone is not encouraged. Legal actions will be taken in case of any site information is misused.


We are not encouraging our users to go on with any kind of third-party information found on our site. In case of any threats happening because of third-party authorities, our site is not liable one to handle that issue.