Roku, as we all know, is the best not only for the streaming device but also for the Smart TV that it brings out to the market. With many exciting features that the onn Roku TV offers you, you will have to complete the Onn Roku 4K UHD HDR SMART TV Setup. Here in this blog, we will let you know the important features of this TV and the setup steps that you need to follow to complete the same.

Features of Onn Roku TV

Here are the top features of the onn Roku TV that you can enjoy at home

Connect to the Internet

  • You can get off the hinge with the internet contents at your home
  • Enjoy your favorites now on a bigger screen with 4k UHD TV
  • All you need to do is complete the setup, subscribe to your favorite channel after making sure if it is paid or free
  • You also have many convenient ways to rent or purchase a movie or series

Choose the Favorite Streaming Channel

  • Choose your channel that you love from the top blockbusters to the top series
  • Enjoy the 24X7 news, the kid’s channel and also the popular programming in a dozen international languages
  • For some channels, you may have to pay
  • Some channels are free

Antena TV Guides in the Smart Guide

  • This option is only available in the United States
  • This feature allows you to watch not only the ones streaming right now, but also the ones that came a week ago
  • Moreover, enjoy the ones that come later within 2 weeks
  • If you miss to watch a show from the first, but it is showing now, you can view it from the beginning
  • Significantly, you have many methods using which you can do this
  • You can also watch an entire series if that option is available for that particular series

Personalize your Homescreen

  • Your homescreen the way you like
  • You can put the channels or the shows that you want on the home screen of your Onn Roku TV
  • Now, you don’t have to navigate through the menu to select the one that you want to watch
  • Additionally, you can even customize the names of the tiles that are on the homescreen

Search for your Favorites

  • Search using the name of the channel, the hero, the director or anything else that you know about the same
  • Use the virtual keyboard and the arrow keys on your Roku remote to search for the channel or the show that you want

Pause the live TV

  • Stop, restart, fast forward, and rewind shows on TV
  • Simply connect your own 16 GB or larger USB drive to the TV and stop up to 90 minutes of live TV
  • Live TV Pause is available on digital television shows received on the Antenna TV input
  • Moreover, to do this you need to connect to a valid Roku account

Control using the Voice Command

  • Enjoy passing commands using the voice control that is available on the Roku remote
  • Also, make use of the Roku app that helps you send commands
  • Read the manuals to find out the exact procedure to activate the voice control
onn Roku TV

onn Roku TV

First-time Setup Steps

Setup your onn Roku TV using the steps that we give you

  • Make sure you insert the batteries into the battery compartment in the remote
  • Plug your Roku TV to the power outlet
  • Now, turn on the 4k UHD TV using the power button
  • Complete the internet connectivity to enjoy the features

Guided Setup

  • After you turn on the TV, wait for the Roku logo to come on the screen
  • Choose the language that you prefer from the ones that you see on the screen
  • Use the arrow keys on your remote to choose the language
  • Some models of the onn Roku TV will ask you to choose the country
  • After choosing the country, click on OK
  • Click the setup for home use on the next screen that you see
  • The next will be the network connection

Network Connection

  • Either choose the wired or the wireless option according to the connection that you need
  • If you are choosing wired, then use the Ethernet cable to link the TV to the network
  • In case you want the wireless connection, follow the steps below
  • Select the network that you want and type the credentials to connect to the network
  • You can also prefer the connect to the internet later option
  • Some models will have only the wireless option, ensure the same
  • Select the time zone, and then fid the activation code on the screen
  • After you create an account, navigate to the and type the code to activate the TV
  • Subscribe to the channel that you want to enjoy the features of the TV

If you have any further queries regarding the same, feel free to start an interaction with the active customer care team, working round the clock or visit our homepage

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