Roku Parental Controls

As technology grows drastically each day, the greater potential is being unlocked all across the world. Information is just oozing out of all the available outlets out of which the internet is the most prominent one. We, as adults, can filter through this information and grasp just what we need. But kids, on the other hand, are like a canvas. They become what they see. So in this digital age, it is an important responsibility of us to guide the kids until they can filter through the data on their own.

Parental control is one of the features that help us in this process. It defends the kids from all the inappropriate information for their age. Every child knows how to use the smartphone, TV, computers and a lot of electronics. So make sure you’ve turned the parental features ON so that you don’t have to worry about your kid stumbling across any bizarre things for their age. Learn how to use the Roku parental controls to keep your kids off the grid.

Why Roku Parental Controls?

Roku gives you access to thousands of movies, series, and music. Some of these contents are not appropriate for a particular age group as they may contain explicit materials in it. The standard certificates to rate content are given below

  • G- General audience
  • PG- Parental Guidance suggested
  • PG-13-Parents strongly cautioned
  • R-Restricted
  • NC-17- Adults only

The following are the refined ratings in general,

  • E-Everyone
  • U-universal
  • A-Adults only
  • R-Restricted

As art doesn’t have restrictions, but children do. The content they see can affect their way of thinking and character when they are adults. If they are going to find nasty content, chances are very likely that there will be a greater impact on them in the future.

These are the main reasons why a very vast and potential streaming service, like Roku, comes with the Roku parental controls.

How to Use Roku Parental Controls?

Roku simply offers the space to both the customers and the channel providers to interact. It acts as the bridge where both of them can cross to the other end. So, by default, Roku allows all the content for the customers to stream. It doesn’t restrict any of them based on their rating or the type of content.

Roku Parental Controls

Roku Parental Controls

So the burden of using the Roku parental controls rests on the channel providers and the parents. Many famous channel providers that are available across all the streaming service comes with the parental controls in-built.

Popular channels that offer parental controls include Netflix, HBO GO, Prime video, etc.

There are a few channels that are specifically designed for kids like the PBS kids, Disney xd, etc, Discovery kids, etc. Some of the channels have the contents for the kids segregated, so it becomes easy for the parents to select the contents that the kids can view.

How to Identify the Contents Offered by the Channels?

The channel provider will rate the contents at the main page or at the description page by the standard rating procedure. So we advise you to go through the description before streaming the contents.

To find out the type of content,

  • Open the channels list by selecting the home button.
  • After you open the channels list, use the navigation buttons to scroll through the list and the OK button to select the channel.
  • When you press the OK button a short description will pop up regarding the channel.
  • Go through the description to find out the type of contents it offers.

How to make your Payment Method Safer on your Roku Device?

Roku parental controls, not just help you filter through the content but also safeguard your transaction method. You will be using the internet to complete the purchases on your Roku device. So it is necessary for you to create a safety measure to protect the transactions across the device. So to switch on these features,

  • Go to the home screen on your Roku device.
  • Navigate to the settings page on your home screen.
  • From the settings page, select the parental controls.
  • You need to set a 4-digit pin in order to use parental control.
  • You can enable or disable the parental controls anytime you want from the settings page.
  • When you set the 4 digit pin, even for purchasing the channels, the device will prompt you to enter the pin.
  • This setting will be synced all across your devices, so if you are going to add a channel through your smartphone, it will still ask you for the 4-digit pin.
  • You can simply change the pin anytime you want from the settings page.
  • You can also reset all the parental control settings from the Roku parental controls setting page.
  • Just select the reset option and proceed to follow the instructions on the screen.

How to set parental controls for Netflix?

 There are two ways in which you can set the parental controls for your Netflix account.

  1. By setting a 4-digit pin
  2. By choosing a maturity level

By setting a 4-digit pin

  • You can modify your preferences in such a way that you can set a pin for a particular maturity level like “R”. This will control the contents that your child has access to.
  • You can also set this pin for a specific show or movie that you consider as explicit.

By choosing a maturity level

  • If your kid is the one who is going to use your account most of the time, then the easiest way to filter through the contents is by setting the maturity level for the entire profile. This way, the suggestions will be tuned into your kid’s interests and not even a window is provided for your kid to get on the scope.
  • Just sign in and sign out of your accounts after you set these parental controls so that the changes are applied to these profiles.
  • You can even contact the channel’s support team to gather more information regarding the parental controls.

For further assistance regarding the Roku parental controls, please contact our customer support team who are always ready to help you @ +1-844-718-6810 or visit

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