Features of Facebook on Roku

Face book is one of the best social media apps to share photos and then share the news feed to friends and family. Here this article is about how to use Facebook on Roku? You can download and install Facebook on the Roku via the channel store, and you can even access your friend’s photos, videos, and slide shows your pictures on the Roku screen.

How to use Facebook on Roku

How to use Facebook on Roku

Steps To Get Facebook On The Roku

  • You can download and launch the Facebook app on the Roku device
  • For this, you need to have a strong and stable network connection to the Roku device
  • As this can be possible only with the internet
  • After providing the network connection to the Roku device, you need to download the Facebook app from the channel store
  • Then you need to open the Facebook app and get the code on the screen
  • Now you need to get the code and enter the code on the Facebook for devices page
  • Provide the code on the site and activate the channel app on the Roku device
  • After entering the code, you need to tap on the connect option
  • On the mobile devices or the computer, you need to provide access to stream Facebook on the Roku device
  • Only after this, you will receive the access to stream the Facebook on Roku

Facebook Watch Roku

After getting access to view the videos and photos on Facebook, you need to know how to use Facebook on the Roku device. Here are the steps for using Facebook on Roku

  • Open the Facebook app on the Roku device
  • After you provide the access now, you can view the videos, photos, and pictures of your friends and also the news feed
  • You can get the slide show of the pictures on the screen
  • It is possible to use the remote to shuffle the pictures and view them on Facebook
  • While you pause the picture on your profile, you can get the comments that are registered by your friends to that particular picture
  • To make it interesting, you can also provide the music to the slide show
  • To edit the time duration between the pictures you need to navigate to the settings and then choose the slideshow resolution and make the changes
  • You can also choose the background and different types of slides to view your pictures

Another Way To Use Facebook On Roku

You can cast the content from the mobile devices or the computer to the Roku device. Via this, you can cast the image and videos on Facebook to the Roku using the mobile devices. For this, you need to enable the screening option on the Roku device and also on the mobile devices

Settings On The Roku Device For Screen Mirroring

  • Establish the same network to the Roku device and the android device or computer
  • Only after this, you can process the steps for the casting or screen mirroring on the Roku is possible
  • Now you need to open the device settings on the Roku device
  • Then choose the system option from the list
  • After that, you need to open the screen mirroring option
  • Now you need to make a tick mark on the prompt option under the screen mirroring
  • Then you need to provide the access by enabling the screen mirroring option on the Roku device
  • The steps on the Roku device gets completed, and now you need to process the setting on the android device

Settings On The Android Device

To process the casting first, you need to make sure that your android device version is compatible with the screen mirroring. Open the setting and choose the about the phone option and check that the version of the phone is 4.2 or the later version. If yes, then your device supports the casting.

  • Open the settings on the android device
  • Now open the display option
  • Choose the casting option from the list
  • Now open the Facebook app on the android device
  • You can launch the channel app from the play store
  • Enter the user id and the password for your Facebook account
  • And load the images on the android device
  • Now make sure you receive the same image on the screen of the Roku

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