Casting Apps From Phone To Roku

Casting is one of the most practical features that made its way through almost all the devices under Android and Windows. Enabling this feature on your Roku device is an expected thing but still, the point should go to the company’s design team to implement such a feature on the interface. If you would like to use apps like YouTube, HBO Go on a bigger common screen, then casting your screen is the way to go. Read this blog to know how to cast apps from Phone to Roku device.

Screen mirroring is under development or what the techies call as “beta” stage, so there is a window for few glitches while using it. Hopefully, the company will fix these glitches in the future updates as it collects data of where it goes wrong.

How to Enable the Screen Mirroring Feature on your Roku Device?

Cast Apps from Phone to Roku

Cast Apps from Phone to Roku

Follow the steps below to enable the screen mirroring feature on your Roku device.

  • Launch your Roku device by selecting the right input source on your TV.
  • Allow the device to update if any software updates are available.
  • Once updated, proceed to restart the device to save the changes applied to the device.
  • Once you go to the home screen, go to the settings page on your Roku device.
  • From the settings page, select the system option.
  • Under here, you can find the enable/disable the screen mirroring feature.
  • Click on the “enable screen mirroring feature” option.
  • If you wish to disable simply follow all the above steps, but click on the disable feature tab before proceeding out.

On an Android Device

  • Once you enable the feature on your Roku device, take your Android Tab or mobile and navigate to the settings page.
  • From the settings page, go to the display option.
  • Here you can see the cast screen option on your device.
  • Once you click on the cast screen option, it will take a few moments for the android device to recognize your Roku device.
  • Once you see your Roku device on the list, click on the device’s name from the list.
  • Within no time you can find your mobile screen projected on your Roku device.

For Example – Cast YouTube App from Phone to Roku

  • Say you want to cast the YouTube app on your TV screen, simply follow the steps until you enable the screencasting feature on your device.
  • Once you see your Roku device on your device’s list, click on it.
  • Wait till the screen is projected. This will take only a few seconds.
  • Simply surf through your home screen and select the application you want to launch, in this case, youtube.
  • Whatever is on your phone’s screen will be projected to your Roku device.
  • The flow of usage may stutter a bit since perfect casting is a lot difficult to achieve, but it will work well for the most part.

If you need more clarification on how to cast your apps from the phone, contact your customer support team @ +1-844-718-6810 or who are more than happy to take on your call.

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