Introduction To TFC Channel

TFC stands for “The Filipino channel“. It provides users with high-quality premium content videos to watch. It also serves the users in the form of an app. You can stream the contents of the channel anywhere. With the help of the TFC app, you can watch the contents of the channel offline too. TFC is definitely a treat for the users as they can enjoy watching the latest Filipino shows, news, movies, etc.  In addition to Roku, you can stream the TFC channel on the web, Chromecast, iOS and also on Android devices.

TFC Everywhere

  • To start with, TFC Everywhere is an add-on feature that can be used by the active TFC subscribers.
  • On the other hand, the users will be allowed to access the contents for free after the verification that they have a current or active TFC subscription.
  • The benefit of TFC Everywhere is that it provides value-added experience strengthening the value of the TFC channel subscription.
  • In case if you miss any programs on the TFC channel, you can watch it in TFC Everywhere.
  • In addition, you can access the TFC everywhere via your PC, mobile, tablet or laptop.
  • There is no restriction among the TFC subscribers.
  • All the TFC users can avail or utilize the TFC Everywhere.
  • You will need a high-speed internet connection to enjoy the TFC Everywhere.

What Is Included In The TFC Premium Package?

How to Activate TFC Roku

How to Activate TFC Roku

Are you wondering what are all is included in the TFC Premium Package? Then take a look.

  • Nearly, 8 live channels.
  • You can stream and watch the contents of the channel in about four devices at the same time.
  • The users can enjoy the iWant Originals.

Note: You need not worry about the skippable advertisements.

  • In addition, the users can enjoy all the episodes of Teleseryes.
  • The TFC Premium package provides the users to access about 600+ movies.

If you are stuck with how to activate TFC on Roku then proceed with the below steps carefully.

What are the Initial Steps for TFC Activation?

  • Initially, gather the necessary components for the Roku setup.
  • Then perform the external configuration of your Roku.
  • Then connect your Roku device to your wi-fi network.
  • Now, activate your Roku using
  • To activate your Roku you need to generate the link code.
  • On linking your Roku and your account, you will get the activation code or the link code on your screen.
  • Now, visit and enter the code.
  • Finally, click the submit option.

Procedure To Activate The TFC Channel On Roku

  • On completion of the activation, visit the Roku home screen.
  • Then choose the streaming channels option present on the menu.
  • Now, click the search channels option.
  • Nextly, enter the TFC channel on the space given.
  • From the search results, choose the channel.
  • Now, click the add channel option.

The channel you selected will be added to your device successfully after asking for confirmation.

  • Refer to the official site to generate the link code for the channel.
  • After you get the activation code on the screen, visit the activation page of the channel.
  • As a final step, enter the corresponding activation code and click the submit option.

Note: Do not forget to purchase the monthly subscription of the channel

Procedure To Activate TFC Everywhere

Activating the TFC Everywhere is quite simple. Proceed with the below-given steps carefully.

  • The existing TFC subscribers can contact
  • Nextly, you will get a confirmation mail after processing the payment for your TFC subscription.
  • Now, make note of the activation code that comes along with the email attachment.
  • It will be useful for users to access TFC online through TFC Everywhere.
  • Now, visit the and perform the registration of the TFC Online account.
  • In addition, enter the appropriate activation code.
  • Also, ensure that you use the email address that you used for your TFC account.
  • Moreover, once you perform the linking to a TFC online account using a link code, you cannot use it for the activation of another account.


When will TFC Everywhere Access be Blocked for me?

Answer: You can access TFC Everywhere until you have the access to your TFC Premium subscription.

Can more than one user access my TFC Everywhere Account?

Answer: No, only one user can use the account at a time.

For more information about the TFC channel and the steps regarding how to activate TFC on Roku, feel free to contact our customer support team anytime @ +1-805-317-0200.

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