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Offering not just quality content, the Roku brand also offers a great variety of streaming devices for users to choose from. They have portable streaming sticks, compact-sized streaming players and the ultra HD quality streaming devices. Pick a device which you think will suit both your television set’s configurations as well as your budget. Once you do that, come right back to us and we will help you setup, install and activate the device in no time

Roku Streaming Stick

Considered as the most cost-effective and easily portable streaming player in the industry, you can buy one at around $45 a piece. In addition, you can enjoy several features in the likes of

  1. Watch HD quality videos at great streaming speeds
  2. Compatible with the Roku app that offers private listening and voice search
  3. Supports Wi-Fi connectivity with any wireless network
  4. Add any number of channels to your Roku account to play through the Streaming Stick

However, when you are looking for a cheaper alternative with almost the same features, then you must consider the Roku Express or Express Plus

Express and Express Plus

These two devices are more or less similar in their functionality with the only difference being the latter’s ability to connect to older television sets (composite cables). The other common functionalities include,

  • Built-in Wi-Fi for wireless network connections
  • HDMI port to facilitate connectivity with a High-definition TV
  • Lightweight and portable
  • HD streaming of popular channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu

These devices, however, do not support 4K and HDR videos, for which you need a Roku Ultra streaming player

Roku Ultra

As the name suggests, it is the ultimate streaming device that would out through an expense of around $85. This is what you can and cannot do with these devices,

  1. Connects to your TV via an HDMI cable
  2. Can stream videos of HD, UHD (4K), HDR and HLG qualities
  3. Experience superior audio in DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio and Dolby ATMOS
  1. Facilitates both wired and wireless network connectivity
  2. Compatible with the Roku mobile app and all of its features
  3. Other accessories and features that you can expect from recent devices include
  • JBL headphones
  • Lost remote finder
  • Headphone jack
  • Gaming buttons
  • MicroSD port
  • USB port
  • Ethernet port
  • Private listening
  • Voice search

How to Create Account

You need a Roku account to activate your device, add or delete channels and to manage devices and your preferences, created with the help of the following steps.

  • From your web browser, access the sign in page
  • It is a three-step process where you will be asked to furnish your details
  • First, you will be asked to enter your personal details such as name, email address and set a valid password for your account
  • Second, you need to set a PIN and its preferences for your Roku account setup
  • Third, you need to provide your payment details such as a valid credit/debit card number or a PayPal account
  • To verify if the account was created successfully, close the browser window à access the Login page of Roku à enter the login credentials with which you had created an account

roku account account has the ability to be associated with several Roku streaming players simultaneously

Roku Setup, Installation and Activation Guidelines

Any Roku device will have to go through these processes so that it can deliver what it promises. Therefore, in the correct order, you must execute the setup steps, installation and activation prudently

  • Initial setup

    • Unbox your Roku and first of all, check if it is receiving power through the power adapter
    • Set it up anywhere close to your television set and simultaneously keep ready an HDMI cable
    • This will be used to establish a connection with your HD or UHD TV
    • For older TVs, make sure that you choose a suitable Roku model that supports composite cables
    • Or otherwise, purchase a composite converter to connect other Roku models to older televisions
    • In case of a Roku TV or Streaming Stick, you do not require an HDMI cable
    • Connect the power cord to the Roku as well as to the power source
    • The HDMI cable/composite cables should then be used to make a connection with your TV
    • Now, turn on the device and proceed with the installation steps
  • Installation

    • As soon as you turn on the device, it will ask you to set a language of preference
    • You can choose a convenient display language and then, move on to the location settings
    • After registering your location, a prompt for network setup will appear
    • This will automatically turn on the Wi Fi settings on the Roku
    • Currently active wireless networks will appear as a list on your device screen
    • Choose the network name of your choice and then, to validate it, provide the corresponding password credentials
    • If you have multiple home networks, make sure you choose one that has a minimal load for best streaming outputs
    • The device will automatically download and install its own software if the network connection was successful
    • The device may seem idle for a few minutes during this process, the duration of which depends on the speed of your home network

    NOTE: Some models also support a wired network connection (LAN)

  • Activation

    Considered the most important and elusive step while setting up a Roku, achieve success by diligently following our quick guide.

    • Activation begins when the Roku device displays your activation code on the TV screen
    • Immediately, note down the Roku activation code and without further delays, login to the Roku com link account
    • This is the account to which you will be linking your player
    • When the login is successful, visit the LINK A DEVICE page and look out for the Roku activation code textbox
    • Enter your alphanumeric code very carefully and then, submit it to website
    • The Roku server will validate your Roku link code and if successful, you will see the Roku logo on your TV
    • This too will take a few minutes until which you must wait patiently without disturbing any of the network or other wired connections

If and when you face errors

  1. Errors are quite common to appear on your Roku screen if and when you go wrong in the Roku setup, installation or activation processes
  2. Make use of the following Roku tips in order to overcome these errors

During Installation and Setup

  1. Use appropriate HDMI and LAN cables during the initial setup process
  2. Place the device close to your router to avoid network related issues
  3. Otherwise, use models with range extenders for better reception of Wi-Fi signals
  4. Ensure that you connect the Roku to the power adapter
  5. Avoid connecting to the USB port on your TV as this can deter the device’s performance
  6. The device must be placed either on a flat surface or wall mounted comfortably

During Roku Activation

  • The activation code is case sensitive and also has a time-out period
  • So, keeping in mind these two factors, make use of the Roku code link correctly and within the stipulated time frame
  • While activating the Roku, your internet connection must be stable
  • If there are hindrances in the network connection, contact the ISP immediately to resolve them
  • For persistent network issues, try connecting to a different network, if available
  • Also, you can try establishing a wired connection with your router for better results
  • However, refrain from connecting to a mobile hotspot as this will not provide the minimum network requirements for the Roku

roku activation

After Troubleshooting

If you are done with the troubleshooting process, you are now free to choose any channel and any number of channels for your Roku link account. Depending on your device’s capabilities, choose between premium HD and UHD channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and much more. The advantage with a Roku device is that it bridges the gap between your cable subscriptions and online video streaming, it supports both.

Top Channels on Roku

Ultra HD channels

Some UHD 4K channels on the channel store are,

  • Netflix
  • YouTube
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • iFood.TV
  • UltraFlix
  • Toon Goggles
  • Hulu
  • Vudu
  • MGo

Cord-cutting channels

Similarly, the platform is also home to some of the best cord-cutting alternatives. Choose the best package & then pay the subscription charges. It’s time to stream watch the live & entertaining programs,Check out the most preferred packages here

  • PlayStation Vue
  • Hulu with live TV
  • Sling TV
  • FuboTV
  • YouTube TV

Private channels

Apart from the regular channels that Roku hosts, it also supports several channels that are not yet part of the platform. These in Roku terms are called as private channels which are often activated with special developer-based activation codes. Some example ones are,

  • Nowhere TV
  • FilmOn
  • Neon Party Games
  • EuroRoku
  • Wilderness Channel
  • Redox Digital Beta

You can visit our website to find informative articles on how to add and activate these channels easily onto any Roku device or call us at our toll-free lines for expert assistance

It’s Time to Add & Activate your Favorite Channels

Select the best and latest Roku channels and activate them for 24/7 entertainment. Before you proceed, identify the type of channel. Channel categories include free channel, paid channel and private channel, from which, we will help you choose the best.

Channel Categories

If it is a free channel, make the channel selection & use the Add channel option to add the channel to your account. Pay channels require subscription charges and private channels require the respective channel access code. If you are interested to add & activate Roku channel, let us explain How to add channels on Roku

Most Streamed Roku Channels

Among the top channels, we have Court TV, Olympic Channel, The Weather Channel, PBS Kids, Sky News, Sony Crackle, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Cartoon Network, The Roku Channel, Crackle, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, HBO and lot more. Choose the best channel to proceed with streaming and here we explain you the steps

How to Add Channels on Roku

The first & foremost step is channel selection and device selection. Roku Express, Express plus, Roku Premiere & Roku Ultra are the top models available. If your device is brand new, complete first-time device setup, link your device to Roku com link account

Visit the Channel Store

  • Channel store is where you can find the channel and recommend you to type the channel name navigating to search tab
  • Wait for a while to get the search results on your device display screen
  • Once you make the selection, tap on the Add channel tab & the channel will be added automatically
  • Set the Roku account pin and this step can always help to prevent unauthorized channel purchase. Once if you set the pin, you will receive a prompt to type it as you proceed with channel activation

If a private channel is your choice, login to the respective account, navigate to manage account tab & click on the option, add channel with a code.

To get rid of issues or errors adding or activating the channel, check the channel activation code, validity of account. Also, cross check & verify the channel activation steps.

Do you have any queries or concerns or require more assistance for channel activation and troubleshooting? Speak to our agents or customer support executives ringing the support number.


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